In March 2018, Judy and I stayed at Yondah Beach House with our friends Lynn

and David.


On our way to Yondah we called in to the Watsacowie Brewing Co (Minlaton)

for vitals and of course we needed to partake in the obligatory samplings of their wares. Unfortunately they do not sell any beer that we could take with

us, so we had to make alternative arrangements. They did assure us that they intend to rectify this soon. Besides all that the visit was a very pleasant one and we look forward to visiting the Brewery again one day.


Yondah itself is an amazing beach holiday house rental with all the modern

conveniences that you could ever hope for. Each double bedroom had its own

bathroom. The location provided us with the most spectacular sea views over

Investigator Straight all the way to Kangaroo Island. The time we spent

there the weather was hot. In fact for the first three days Investigator

Straight was like a mill pond. I have never seen it that calm for that

length of time. 


Fortunately the house was positioned with verandahs that provided us with

cooling drafts and we spent many hours on those verandahs taking in the view.


Unfortunately we set ourselves a punishing schedule revolving around

Cocktail Hours, Wine and Cheese sessions and meals. My scales at home still

aren’t working properly since I got back.


Yondah has its own little beach that is a challenge to get down to, but we

were just too busy to go swimming there. One of the points near the house has its own “crash of seals”, but again we were just too busy to visit.

One of the walks we went on, we managed to trespass onto a neighbor’s

property but they just provided us with instructions to get to a swimming

hole we were after and bid us well. The swim was refreshing and a relief from the heat.


Yondah is a great starting off point for visiting Innes National Park. I recommend this place to anyone.


We had a lot of fun at Yondah and hope to visit again soon.



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